Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Note: The following is based on Armenia having 3.75 million people. Since Armenia probably has about half that amount, the figures given should be twice as much. It should also be noted that the figures are for "extremely poor" and that 80%+ of the population in Western terms are poor.


YEREVAN, FEBRUARY 11. ARMINFO. Only 7.3% of Armenian citizens are extremely poor says the head of the social assistance department of Armenia's Labour and Social Security Ministry Astgik Minasyan.

These are people scoring 41.01 and more points of eligibility for poverty allowance. The families with such an index will get 6,000 AMD + 4,000 per child in Mar 2005, while families living in highlands and borderline regions will get 4,500 AMD. Large families - 6 children or more - will get 22,000-24,000 AMD.

The families scoring 38.01-41 points will get 6,000 AMD + 3,500 AMD per child and 4,000 AMD for highland and borderline region residents. 34 or less point scorers will get 6,000 AMD plus 3,000 AMD and 3,500 AMD respectively. This year the beneficiary families with a new born child will get 70,000 AMD instead of 35,000 AMD. The additional 35,000 AMD can be received at office or regional social services.

Last year 135,000 families got poverty benefits. Some 20 bln AMD has budgeted to this end this year against 16 bln AMD last year.

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