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Today the resident of Noubarashen Andranik Pogosyan periodically visited the office of the community head candidate Mher Hovhannisyan and community head's office. In the morning he had gone to get his old-age pension but could not as he had no passport.

"I don't know, there is a kiosk in the park, I gave it to them, and they gave 5000 drams to me and said that Mher must be elected. I will give them their money and demand my passport back", he complained in the community head's office, that is to the opponent of the candidate who had bribed him.

The present community head Robert Asatryan is one of the candidates for the post. The other candidates are wrestling coach Mher Hovhannisyan and member of the Armenian Revolutionary Federation Kamo Berberyan.

We caught no cases of bribing in Mher Hovhannisyan's office, but there was a queue of people with passports. There were women who had 4-5 passports in their hands. When we tried to take a photo of the room, the head of the office Vardan Haroutyunyan took immediately took the women out of the room.

"The strong are always blamed in suchlike business. The strong cannot give electoral bribes and cannot take passports, we do not follow that technique", said Vardan Haroutyunyan. By the way, he considers the information about the electoral bribes the result of the black PR of their opponents, mainly that of Robert Asatryan, who "did not organize a single youth event in his 22 years of activity".

Robert Asatryan informed that he "never said anything bad about his opponents", and he learned about the taking of passports when the residents of the community asked him to solicit for them to get their pensions without passports, but he was told that it is not possible. The head of the old-age pension fund Varazdat Kirakosyan claimed that "We do not have the right to give the pension without the passport and the social card". As for how many people have been deprived of the pension because of the absence of passports, he did not know.

BY the way, the pensioner said that this is the first time they are requested to show their passports. "I came here and learned that they will not give the pension without documents, whereas up to now I always got it with my social card", said Hasmik Araqelyan who had gone home and brought her passport. The other citizens in the queue claimed the same.

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