Sunday, September 25, 2005

Hetq Online Blocked

I just received this affecting email from a concerned Martuni or Bust reader from the U.A.E.

Dear Ara, I'm writing from the U.A.E. Just wanted to
inform you that Etisalat the government Internet
services provider here has blocked people from
accessing the website This is indicative
of the depth of government involvement in this

I'm a foreign resident of U.A.E and have grown up in
this environment. I myself, at a young age fell victim
as a customer of this sex market. This has a terrible
impact at all levels of society. You cannot expect
young men to fight their hormones, its the sex market
that needs to be shut down. U.A.E's divorce rate is
now at 46%, families are being destroyed, young
teenage boys are going to prositutes. And then there
is the suffering of the prostitutes themselves. You are working towards a great cause. All the best and good wishes.

Like many concerned social justice advocates, I loath the fact that a pro-humanitarian outreach news websites such as is being tactically blocked by a so-called Pro-Western Persian Gulf republic. A democratic state is not suppose to work like this. However unsettling this reality is, receiving emails like this from inside the U.A.E. is a positive step for real concrete social truthfulness.

We have a collective crisis in our homeland and now abroad, an indisputable social virus that is being unraveled by a small, very dangerous and highly organized Armenian/Arab crime syndication. We can’t do this alone, so get the word out and voice your critical opinions on this traffic issue to your respective community leaders. Together we can rid this social evil once and for good.

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