Sunday, January 29, 2006

Hate Your Enemy Reasonably

Dear Ara,

I read your comment at Oneworld multimedia and though this does not concern the thing going on there..Please, if it’s not difficult and causes no problems, do me a favor and send this to that Azeri guy. I’ll be so grateful. And besides wanted to say,, that the idea with communication between the students Is a great one. Let it rip!

While reading the Orhan's first letter I nearly jumped with joy that Azeri students really are interested in discussing the problems between two nations.. though he forgot to point out what way it'd happen. On reading his second letter my eyes nearly popped out of my head.

First I want to say that I really sorry for that guy who at the very beginning didn't understand the point of that idea. And everything I'm going to say at first refers to him and his azeri friends.

Dear Orhan,

That is the difference between you and us. We also still continue to say that Kharabakh land is our territory and it was once conquested by you, but we took it back. In the same time immense part of Armenian youth, among them me, is sticking to the point that Kharabakh should be an Independent Republic, not belonging to anyone. So much blood has been shed in this war. And now everyone think of nothing but a revenge. Of course it is terrible when your relatives are killed. But what can you promote by killing by yourself? We all are human beings after all, made up of blood, body, mind. The substance of my blood doesn't vary from that of your's. Stop it! Shall someone do the first step? Otherwise this hemorrhage will never stop. I
don’t want to make out who levied this war and which part had more people fallen to victim. I just want to live and not separate world into Armenians, Georgians, Azeries or Jews.

Now imagine that a new war brakes out and many people die. And what ? What will you have of it? Will you feel happy? Will you jump with the happiness knowing that blood of many innocent people was shed? What for? For conquesting the areas now Armenians live? And even so, you will never inhabit those areas, just because you don’t need it, you have enough area to live in. I wonder, why aren’t you content with what you have? Oh yeah, sorry, I forgot, It’s a matter of principle. Unlike our principle that Kharabakh should be an independent Republic.

Your words about war, blood, killing I accept as words of a child who’s head since childhood is being stuffed only with revenge. These are not words of a matured person. Watch deeper, try to have your own stand points on this matter. Because these are not your words , but of your ancestors who still repeat that damn word “killing, killing”. Armenians should have been teaching that to the future generation, instead our parents retell the history and don’t forget to add: “We want peace”.

Responding with hatred to hating we double that hating adding a darkness to the starless night. The gloom may not brush away darkness, it can do only the light. Contempt is as destructive as for the parson who has it. It corrodes the personality, destroys the objectivity of the person and the concepts about moral values.

You can be kinder, Because the way you replied to the idea was not it. The difference may not even be between religions. I doubt greatly that you know
your religion as it also says:

“Hate your enemy reasonably; he may turn into your friend tomorrow”: Khadisi.

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