Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Seven Homeless People Have Already Died
[January 16, 2006]
Exactly one year ago Hetq Online published its special issue on homelessness in Yerevan. As a result of our research we discovered that approximately fifty homeless people in Yerevan die needlessly each year from the cold, and have done so for the past four years ... [full story]

In the Summer the Homeless don’t need a Winter Shelter
[January 16, 2006]
None of the homeless in Yerevan will be able to spend even one night in a shelter originally intended for them despite the fact that 85 million drams was allocated for its construction in the 2006 budget ... [full story]

What Do The Homeless Expect From The New Year?
[January 16, 2006]
“Alone? Why am I alone?" asks Gohar rhetorically. "What about my Ministers?” Pointing out her seven dogs, naming them Girl, Fatty, Blondie..., she likens each one to a Government Minister ... [full story]

The Homeless Pray to Survive the Winter
[January 16, 2006]
“In December, three homeless people that we knew died,” says Seryoja Vardazaryan, himself relegated to living on the streets. “Zaven, Gelo and Murad all slept outside and died,” he says, adding that every night he prays before he goes to sleep ... [full story]

“We haven't the appropriate conditions to accept guests”
[January 16, 2006]
After living apart for 28 years, Nikolay Kovalyov met his former wife Nadezhda again when the two became neighbors on Moldovakan Street in Nor Nork. Instead of living next door to each other in an apartment building ... [full story]

The Russian Embassy Is Unreachable For Its Citizens
[January 16, 2006]
Fifty-year-old Sergey Razganyaev has been in Armenia for seven years and is unable to return to his home city of Chelinadolsk in the Tatarstan Autonomous Republic of the Russian Federation ... [full story]

“Maybe you could get me a coat? I am cold in this one”
[January 16, 2006]
Fifteen-year-old Vadim Mesherekov knows nearly all the Russian homeless in the capital by name. He puts their number at more than fifty and became acquainted with them through his mother, Ira. “They were her friends,” he says. “Once they had homes, but now they don't.” ... [full story]

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