Monday, June 26, 2006

Etisalat, $314m Armentel bid

Since were on the subject of Dubai and their trafficking of our girls to serve in their illegal sex market, here is a story about them now wanting to purchase our Armentel, which they no doubt will use proceeds from the exploitation of countless women and children trafficked to their country. In my eyes that's blood money. On the other hand, maybe they should buy so then we can take it back from them when we sue the UAE and all those that were involved with trafficking of our girls.

AME Info, United Arab Emirates
June 24 2006

Greek telecom company OTE has short-listed four bidders, including one consortium led by Etisalat, for its 90% stake in Armenian firm Armentel, which is worth $313.8m, reported Reuters. Etisalat's consortium also includes investment company Istithmar and Emergent Telecom Ventures. Two large Russian mobile operators are also in the bidding for the Armenian firm which has 321,000 subscribers.

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