Sunday, June 25, 2006


Yerevan, June 20. ArmInfo. Yerevan authorities intend to evict the residents of Firdusi street occupying a territory of 5 ha.

RFE/RL reports, an area of 282 sq/m of the street was transferred to Hotel Yerevan, anther 50,000 sq/m to the English company City Center Development.

To note, yesterday, "guided with the state needs and the mediation of Yerevan mayor," the Armenian Government resolved to transfer the area to the above companies for further development. The local residents are offered $120 per sq/m of premises. However, the residents demand more compensation to leave their homes. The municipality plans completing the construction of the area by 2010. The Government's decision must be ratified by the President. To note, earlier the authorities evicted the residents of the street where currently the Northern Avenue is built and from Byuzand street against their will.

Earlier, the Constitutional Court recognized the rights of these residents infringed.


How many people do you know who have purchased or are looking at purchasing housing in the new buildings on North Avenue? I know of a couple from the Diaspora.

I wonder by knowing how that land was stolen (this recognized by the Constitutional Court) from the common Armenian citizen, if living in such a house is really the right thing?

If you have purchased or are planing on purchasing a place in the new buildings knowing all this, please don't bother inviting me over. The idea of what this whole thing is doing to our people makes me sick. We can visit in some cafe, which is just a little bit better, but not much.

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