Friday, August 11, 2006

Another innocent bystander killed

I’m always saddened to hear when criminals are shot dead and innocent bystanders are killed. What is wrong with hit-men these days? What happened to professionalism? I guess this is another indicator of corruption reaching all areas of life in Armenia. I wonder how much of a bribe the suspected hit-man paid to get into hit-man school? Probably never attended a day of class, got his diploma and secured himself employment. They need to track this guy down and take his license to kill away until he learns how to conduct himself professionally. The same is true for doctors and law enforcement. If we can’t re-establish professionalism among those who need to act professionally, many innocent people are facing the possible loss of life.

Anyway, my condolences to Gyulnara Karapetyan's family. I truly am sorry for the loss of the life of another Armenian mother.


Yerevan, August 8. ArmInfo. A well-known underworld leader, one of the leaders of the Armenian organized criminal gang of Moscow Alexander Givoyev by nickname "Hay-Hooy" was killed on highway Ashtarak-Gyumri at 1:30p, today.

Armenian Prosecutor General's Office official web-site says A. Givoyev was driving from Yerevan to Gyumri with his family. When he stopped his "Grand Cherokee" to make purchases in a nearby shop, a red VAZ32109 with unknown state number plate approached the Jeep and fired at A. Givoyev with a machine gun. Givoyev died in the place.

Accidentally, the seller Gyulnara Karapetyan was also killed.

Investigation is underway. A criminal case on the articles 104.2 and 235.1 was initiated.

To be noted, in 2002 A. Givoyev presented his candidature for the office of Yerevan's 'Center' community. In his pre-election program he promised to solve all the social problems of the community and later, of Armenia in general, due to organizing donations of Russian Armenian businessmen. Alexander Givoyev was born in Yerevan, 1954, and in the middle 1990's was one of the renowned leaders of the Russian organized criminal underworld. He had close relations with certain Armenian underworld leaders, particularly ex-president of the so-called 'Armenian Assembly' Serge Jilavian, opponent to the first President of Armenia Levon Ter-Petrosian.

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