Friday, August 11, 2006

9 Aug 06

We have learned that the establishment of the anti-criminal pact in Armenia is underway, and the initiators are likely to conduct a highly systematized survey of the structure and activities of the criminal contingent of the Armenian government. We have learned that the anti-criminal pact will have different task forces, which will study the past and the present of the criminal. In particular, the university diplomas and the ways they were acquired will be investigated.

The pact will also deal with the property of the administrative criminal resource, the history of its formation, its activities in the past, facts of cooperation with the police in relations with criminal authorities, nicknames. We have learned that the anti-criminal pact will also study the army-criminal and criminal-universities relations.

Our source informs that the anti-criminal actions are not confined to a single pact. We have learned that similar organizations are set up inside different political parties. Almost all the anti-criminal movements consider their prime problem to clarify the list of the criminals to reach a nominal and clear investigation. The initial list of the criminal in the government is ready. It is interesting that the lists of all these anti-criminal lists basically overlap.

Our source also informs that certain circles of the Republican Party support the idea of joining the anti-criminal, though not openly but practically, because they have also started to dislike that the Republican Party is becoming a shelter for the administrative-criminal resource.

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