Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The homophobic Armenian community join in…

19:53 08/21/2006

The Armenian Aryan Order has expressed its protest against attempts to appoint Richard Hoagland new US Ambassador to Armenia. The Order has issued a statement concerning the issue. REGNUM publishes the statement translated from Russian.

"The excuse for recalling current US Ambassador John Evans looks rather strange. It has caused great disappointment in the whole Armenian community, as the main reason for recalling John Evans was the word 'genocide' pronounced by him, when he meant the Armenian Genocide during which over 1.5 million Armenians were slaughtered. It is a serious signal for us, Armenians, so, deriving form the reason to exchange the ambassador we change our attitude towards the US policy as well.

'The fact that the US administration is going to replace John Evans with Richard Hoagland, who, according to Armenian and Tajik media, is a homosexual, is a humiliation, disrespect for the Armenian nation that holds traditions sacred. Thus, the US administration is trying to strike two purposeful blows, both political and moral ones. If they manage to do it, Armenian society will be left nothing but boycotting activities of the US embassy in order at least by this to disgrace those who are trying to disgrace us.

'We call upon the Armenian authorities, the whole Armenian community to raise a protest wave by all possible means against possible nomination of the homosexual ambassador. Armenia is not a training ground for those ill and demented. Messrs Americans, stop immoral games!"

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