Saturday, September 02, 2006

American Embassy urges Armenian officials to investigate corruption allegations

19:20 01/09/06

Today US Embassy in Armenia makes an announcement: `There has been a great deal of media commentary in recent days about an alleged tape that the U.S. Ambassador is said to have conveyed to President Kocharian implicating a government minister for corruption. We are unaware of the existence of any such tape, and have not conveyed any tape to the President. We have a continuing dialogue with Armenian government officials at many levels on the well-known problem of official corruption. When we become aware of credible allegations of corruption, we of course convey this information to appropriate Armenian officials at a high level. We strongly urge Armenian officials to investigate and prosecute corruption allegations, and especially those involving government ministers or other senior officials. Armenia cannot develop into a fully successful democratic and economically sound state without assurance of integrity at all levels of government'.

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