Monday, September 25, 2006

What really happened to Silva Kaputikyan?

One month ago, Silva Kaputikian took her last breath in an Armenian hospital.

Everyone I know in Yerevan is asking the question of what really happened to our beloved poetess and political activist, Silva Kaputikyan?

She went into the hospital after falling and breaking her hip while visiting her Son’s house.

From what everyone is telling me, she went in and died from an overdose, which people think was what put an end to one of Kocharian’s “in your face” oppositionists. Some are even saying that Kocharian himself ordered to have her silenced.

You really do have to ask who suddenly dies of a broken hip?

I’m sure in time if there was any foul play, it will come out and those that were responsible will be exposed and punished.

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