Saturday, September 02, 2006

Is the British government giving Azerbaijan the green light to attack?

I’m not sure what to make of the story below. Could the bold statement being made be an interpretation of what was actually said, or is the British government in favor of possible war to attempt to take over our territory?

In any case, someone from the British government needs to provide clarification on their position in this matter.

Today, Azerbaijan
Sept 1 2006

British Ambassador: "Azerbaijan has right to liberate its territories"

01 September 2006 [23:11] - Today.Az

Defense Minister, Col.Gen. Safar Abiyev received British Ambassador to Azerbaijan Laurie Bristow.

Touching on the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict, Minister Abiyev stressed that the conflict has not been solved because of Armenia's destructive policy, APA reports.

"Armenia does not comply with the four UN Security Council Resolutions. On the other hand, the world community does not exert any pressure on Armenia to pull out the troops from Azerbaijani lands. Azerbaijan will never consent to the occupied of its territories, and we will liberate our lands by all means, including military way," Mr.Abiyev underlined.

Ambassadors Bristow said Azerbaijan has the right to liberate its lands.

"However, Azerbaijan should pursue a balanced policy regarding this. I arrived at a conclusion after my three-year experience in the South Caucasus that Armenian society has been influenced by external forces. Turkey is one the NATO key states. Azerbaijan has a strong economic base, and all spheres are developing. What will happen to Armenia after 10-15 years? The unfairness against Azerbaijan should be ended as soon as possible," Mr.Bristow underlined.

Minister Abiyev today also received Belarus ambassador to Azerbaijan Nikolay Patskevich, Greek ambassadorTemistokles Demidis, former military attaché of Greek Armed Forces in Azerbaijan, brigade general Ioannis Solias anda new military attaché, Colonel Seoharis Militiades Kollatos.


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