Thursday, November 01, 2007

Kocharyan’s answer to LTP

Yesterday on television, President Kocharyan rebutted Levon Ter Pedrosyan’s recent statements when he announced his candidacy for president of Armenia.

Kocharyan in his usual manipulative way to twist reality and talked about how he received a country that was in a demolished state, which was brought to its low point by LTP.

Kocharyan talked about how the country has had noticeable growth and things in Armenia today are prospering, this he credited himself for. He also made mention of the growth of the national budget and the increase in money that is flowing in Armenia.

The reality Mr. President is that most people in Armenia are living as a result of money that is coming from those who have left Armenia to find work abroad in order to support their family and very few are able to live a dignified life from income generated in the country.

A reality stated by LTP is that over a million people (those sending the lion share of money to their families so they can survive) have left the country since Kocharyan and his criminal clan has come to power.

All I can say is that LTP is not the answer to fixing the problems we are facing today, nor is Serj Sarkisyan the answer. The big question that should be on our minds is will it be Serj or Levon and what are we going to do to make sure we sustain the lest damage from their criminal activities?

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