Thursday, November 01, 2007

Traffic and Bridges

I’m really not understanding why we are building bridges in Yerevan? Take a good look at what they are building on Gasyan Street.

I’m not sure how this bridge will help alleviate traffic problems, but will say that it looks to me like the bridge they are building is going handle one lane of traffic in each direction, which might increase traffic problems rather than alleviate it.

Knowing that it is the Kocharan government that has decided on the construction of bridges in Armenia, I will guess that some people including Kocharyan are making millions on these projects.

What makes things worse is that due to the construction and lack of traffic control, Armenia is plagued with almost constant traffic jams.

Tonight as we were taking a taxi ride home, traffic slowed at Papazian Street and came to a grinding halt near the tax office, where they had closed off the street to traffic that was going in the direction of he open market.

To add insult to injury, the other street that goes passed the street closure is Kochar and according to the taxi driver, it too was closed (though knowing taxi drivers in Armenia, who I’ve noticed are a little bit less than honest, could have been just trying to get the minimal fare of 600 Dram for driving 1 kilometer). A bit frustrated and not wanting to drive all the way back to the center of the city and then up Monument, we paid the 600 Drams, walked a block and then sat in another taxi that took us to our destination in the tune of another 600 Drams.

These very unorganized closers, which there should have at very least been a detour posted somewhere is just another indicator of the lack of competence of those leading us today. Incompetence has and is evermore common place in leadership in Armenia and Artsakh today. As long as we continue to tolerate it, illogical and unnecessary projects will continue in our nation for the decades to come.

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