Thursday, November 01, 2007

The price of life in Armenia on the rise

What currency is increasing in value, but in the open market is loosing value?

Today in Armenia the price of a loaf of bread is 120 Dram. Last week is was 110 Dram and a month ago was 100 Dram.

Yes, the price of wheat has increased, but you have to ask yourself why it has shot up and is on the rise? I’m not sure, but I’m sure our leaders and the mafia who controls the price of wheat can give you a clever answer to justify the increase.

The woman that sells bread at the Gomidas open air market told me that she or the people that bake the bread are not to blame for the price increase and said that it is our leaders who are doing everything to make life unbearable so we will all leave. They are the ones to blame. She went on to say that she left once and went to Russia, but life for Armenians like her is not better there and she does not feel that she has any other place to go and will stick around to see how things work out.

The price of Georgian Khachaburigs also went from 100 Dram to 120 Dram. That one I don’t get since the amount of flour used is nothing close to what goes in a loaf of bread. Anyway, that’s the new price and we will just have to live with it and hope that when the price of flour goes down, the price of Khachaburigs will also decrease, though I will bet you with 10 to 1 odds that it will stay where it is and only continue to rise since that’s a very common Armenian business practice.

This year most fruits and vegetables are more expensive than last year. The price of fish is also up from last year.

All these increases don’t make sense being that the Dram is more powerful, supposedly.

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