Tuesday, November 03, 2009


Oct 30 2009

Armenian journalists had a first chance of interviewing RA FM Edward Nalbandyan after the Protocols' signing in Zurich due to his Belorussian counterpart, Sergey Martynov's visit to Yerevan. Time was limited as usual, but Nalbandyan managed to make several thrilling statements, NEWS.am correspondent reports.

Asked whether he felt himself "embarrassed and insulted" during the Protocols' signing, when those opposing the documents and pressurizing the signing were standing behind him, Nalbandyan said: "I do not know who is supposed to feel embarrassed. Probably the one suffering from masochism."

According to Nalbandyan, those standing behind (U.S. Secretary of State, French and Russian Foreign Ministers and EU officials-NEWS.am) were the "mediators and allies, but by no means the pressurizers."

"All states except for one or two supported the process and did not pressurize us. It was Armenia's initiative. We reached the agreement jointly with Turkey," Nalbandyan underlined. "The days when one could think that Armenia can be forced to do something under the pressure are gone," RA Foreign Minister stated.


If the signing of the protocols was a non-pressured act by the present day Armenian government as FM Nalbandyan claims it was, then we need a change the government and look for one that is looking out for the peoples interests not their personal gains.

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