Wednesday, November 07, 2001

Bad News

Bad news is always so difficult to report. I called to my house my neighbor who has lots of experience with livestock to look at Shakar, as she had not been eating on her own and what she was being force-fed, she was not holding down. He told me that she appeared to be ill with a cold or flu and was taken off mothers milk too soon so her immune system could develop to protect her from getting sick. The illness and a lack of nourishment was a bad combination for her. He said that she was too small to medicate with anything he had (he deals with cows, pigs and livestock of that nature). He said that her chances of survival were not promising and to wait and see what happens. I checked on her every hour and tried to feed her, but she was still not keeping anything down. That evening, I went to my neighbors house for dinner and when I returned, I found she was very weak. An hour later, she passed away. My neighbor came over and helped me put her to her final place of rest in my back yard. I called Madlene who was saddened, but was more concerned with how I was doing. She told me that we need to remember Shakar as the puppy that brought us joy, as Shakar would have wanted it that way. Shakar will be missed and remembered.

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