Monday, November 05, 2001

Shakar has been a joy and a pain to have around. The joy part is her companionship and playfulness. The pain part is her seeming to not want to eat on her own. I always leave out a bowl of water and food for her, but in the end it seems that she has to be hand fed. I know Madlene was having a similar problem and maybe it has to do with her only being 40 days old. I hope that�s all it is. I was advised to show her the bowl and when she gets good and hungry, she will figure it out. I tried that yesterday and all that did was make her very weak and those puppy-dog-eyes that much more painful for me too look into (I�m a pushover for that kind of stuff). So I�m looking for any suggestion of what to do. The weather has been great these last few days. No rain and the sun has been out. I put Shakar out in the sun as much as I can and she seems to like that allot. I�ve been taking advantage of this weather to get in some nice long hikes to the neighboring villages to visit friends. It never fails that people will ask me if my car is broken when they see me on foot. I tell them that my car will get plenty of use when it starts to rain and worse than that, snow. Well not much more going on right now that�s worth reporting.

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