Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Tree Planting Day

Today was tree planting day in Artsakh. In the city of Martuni, where I live, 200 trees were planted. This afternoon people came out in force with shovels, brooms and buckets, not only plant trees, but to also clean the streets. In general, our streets are kept rather clean, but today after the people passed through, pulling weeds and clearing anything that really didn't belong, things looked rather nice. I had lunch at the mayor's house and he commented on how well things were going and said that as a rule, a man in his lifetime needs to build one house, have and educate one child to the age of 18 and plant one tree. He said that he has planted one tree today (and in his lifetime has planted dozens of others), is educating his children and is only left with the task of one day building a house. He told me that all that's left for me is to have and educate a child and is confident I will do that one day.

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