Friday, November 09, 2001

Hi everyone. I just wanted to post this little note about Raffi and Risk. There is nothing lucky about that game and what cards he gets dealt (he always says that to try to make the looser feel better). It�s all skill. I�ve played Risk with him before and well I guess there is really no way to say this nicely, but Raffi is a total American when it comes to that game. Take no prisoners and before you get �demolished�, he acts like he�s your best friend so you wont attack him. Well I guess it's the object of the game and there really is nothing nice about war. I feel sorry for Viken and can�t imagine how Zabel keeps falling into that trap. I guess she likes it when he acts ruff and the smile on his face when wiping you out is kind of cute (I can hear her saying that). All I can say is that if our war was being fought on the Risk game board and Raffi was our commander, we would be soaking up some sun right now on the Caspian. Now Monopoly is a different story. I�ve never played Raffi and I have never felt defeated at that game ever, even when I loose. Just like in real life, when the game is over, you can't take the money with you.

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