Monday, April 21, 2003

Happy Easter everyone

On Sunday, I finally headed home (to Martuni), after a very long stay in Stepanagert.

On the way to Martuni, I stopped into the church in Askeran for Easter Sunday service. It was well attended and I was very pleased with the majority for the congregation being young people.

So I returned to Martuni with all my new stone cutting equipment, which today the welder came and built tables for all the new equipment.

I get this really warm feeling that by Friday, we will be cutting stone. When that happens, I will feel very accomplished and will have completed the first phase of a soon to be very large industry in Martuni.

My Yahoo e-mail account is overloaded, so I better move on to clearing it out and answering my e-mail of the last week and then some. For those of you who have written me and have not gotten an answer, bare with me. For those that have sent a message and it got kicked back, send it again.

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