Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Well, my car is not fixed yet and that motor washing caused some complications to some part of the electrical system. On top of that, my battery was very weak, so I wont know until tomorrow if the cleaning of some contacts which water caused excessive sparks resulting in carbon build-up was the only problem.

So being that I was home practically all day, I was able to catch up on my laundry and some house cleaning.

I have discovered that many of my pants have in some way worn out. If it�s not a hole or a frayed cuff, it�s animal blood or a grease stain that makes them unattractive to wear. Besides clothes being worn out, my shoes are a real mess. My extra heavy duty Asolo Globoline hiking boots look like hell after being over used for the last 5 years and my combat boots look really nice, but one of them the sole is cracked and lets water in. My tennis shoes are no longer white and clean looking.

I looked on the internet for a deal on hiking boots and man have they got expensive. I can�t see myself spending $300 on a pair of hiking boots, when you can buy a car for that much here. eBay had a few deals on Asolo boots, but nothing in my size (I highly recommend them to anyone who wants the ability to walk for hours in any terrain and not get sore feet). I guess I�ll just have to wait until something opens up and then bid on them.

I would purchase new clothes and shoes in Yerevan, but most of what is sold in Yerevan is of poor quality and would not last for long.

I guess I�ll have to put together a list of clothes and shoes to be sent from the states and send it off to Mama Manoogian so she can send with some friends that are coming for a visit in June.

The weather today was very nice and though it�s not warm, it�s not raining or snowing.

I'm really happy for our friends David and Lala who were recently engaged. They will make a really nice couple and their children will be very cute and smart.

In the morning my car battery will be delivered all charged up and I really hope that my car will start right up. If not, I�m going to have to have the car towed all the way to Stepanagert and if I have to do that, it�s going to spoil my mood big time.

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