Monday, April 07, 2003

HAPPY WOMAN�S DAY TO ALL (that this applies to)!!!!

Yes, today was woman�s day in Artsakh and the Sylva beauty salon was really hopping.

I guess Armenians like to celebrate beauty, as if memory serves me correctly, we did the opening on some other woman�s day?

Anyway, the flower sales were hopping today and I presented all my female workers with flowers.

I also had the misfortune to fire one of my guards who was absent from his post for close to an hour, at which time I removed anything of value from the office he was suppose to be guarding and placed it in a large storage box, just in case he decided not to show up at all.

When he arrived, he apologized and told me it was the first and last time this would happen. I told him he was right, it would be the last time and told me when his shift is over tomorrow, to report to my manager, who I had already talked to about finding a replacement and also since she hired him, she should fire him, which she will do in the morning.

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