Saturday, April 05, 2003

I really should avoid reading news about the coalition invasion of Iraq, but curiosity and the need to know got the best of me.

On the BBC Reports� log I�ve read for the second time since the invasion started a descriptive of ��and the Marines have been cheering and punching the air - there's real joy.� This in response to the successful operation of rescuing Jessica Lynch, the teen solider that was captured on the 23rd of March.

Mind you, I�m happy that Jessica was saved, but at the same time, she left America to invade Iraq and if she was captured and maybe even killed, I would have no sympathy for her or her family, since in the end it was her choice to join the army.

But getting back to that joy the Marines had, it was that same kind of joy they has when the invasion started.

To American army personal is this the same as game of football? I guess since in America, no one is forced to join the army, this would indicate that in the army there are some sick blood thirsty animals and for that reason, I can share no sadness when such people are killed.

Now on the other hand, I�m saddened by the loss of civilian lives due to the actions of the coalition forces. For example:

Baghdad :: Paul Wood :: 1025GMT

We're in a Shiite house in Baghdad; it's just been bombed. Doors are blown off their hinges, there's blood on the floor, broken glass is everywhere.

The family matriarch has been killed, leaving behind twenty children. But one of her daughters tells us "we don't care this has happened to us, we care only for the life of our president".

What does this invasion of Iraq have to do with life in Armenia and Artsakh?

Well I fear that if America is successful in capturing and controlling Iraq, as it did Afghanistan, then I get the feeling that its next target will be Iran, which will automatically increase our dependency on America and threaten our own stability.

On top of this, the day may come when America will start to make its way up towards Russia (this after it takes control of Iran) and guess who will be in the middle of it and Russia?

All I can say is mark my words, nothing good will come from this war and I really get the feeling that this could be the start or maybe we can even call it the continuation of World War III.

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