Friday, May 28, 2004

This afternoon, I arrived to Armenia and after resting up a bit, headed to Victory Park with my fiance to attend a program commemorating Independence Day of the first Republic of Armenia, which was organized by the ARF.

There were many, many people in attendance, and where they were having the actual program, there was a shortage of seating.

We found an empty table that had no chairs and after some guests that were from the Diaspora showed up, a woman opened up a storage area to take out a table and chairs for them, with me following her close behind to get a couple of chairs for us.

The program started with some guy talking about Artsakh and how it is independent and how we need to remember those that lost their lives and so on.

Then some older guy gets on stage and starts to talk about what this day means and talks what seemed forever about the first republic and all those fine ARF people who did such a great job and sacrificed so much, bla bla bla.

I told my fiance not to believe everything he was saying and what happened back then was not all that clean and sacrificial. I guess I was talking a bit too loud when I made that comment, as the young AYF boys at the table next to us started to give me dirty looks and just as the lecture finished and the young patriots were able to get up and adjust my attitude, the worst rain I have seen in a long time started.

At first people seemed to want to hold out in hopes that the rain would let up and my fiance and I with the push of a button, erected our umbrellas, as we watched the crowd finally figure out that if they were going to just sit with their mouths open looking up, they would drown. A panic started and everyone abandoned their tables and drinks to find cover. No shortage of seating, problem solved.

We sat for a couple of songs, which I have to tell you, I really love those ARF patriotic songs. Then when it looked like things were not going to let up and stated to come down even harder, we joined the herd of what I'm guessing were non-ARF people and those that may be ARF members, but not so loyal that they would risk their health and headed to our car singing ARF songs.

I guess God does not like it when old people get up and try to revise history to the young impressionable people and in a very creative way, put an end to the propaganda party and also covered my back in the process from the vengeful youth who seem to believe everything they hear.

Anyway, Happy Independence Day of the first Armenian Republic everyone. Though it was short lived, I hope it was a good example of how one does not run a country.

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