Thursday, June 17, 2004

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The protest action held for defense of the political prisoners near theGeneral Office of Prosecutor has today ended in the unique awards. Eleonora Manandyan, Chair of "New Armenia" social organization introduced 3 statues of monkeys - the prizes set for attitude towards the political prisoners.

The statue of the monkey closing its eyes with own hands, "I see
nothing", was given to Armenian Ombudsman Larissa Alaverdyan.

The monkey with closed ears, "I hear nothing" was awarded to Pargev Ohanyan, Judge of the First Instance Court of Kentron-Norq Marash Communes, for the trial of Edgar Araqelyan.

"I say nothing", the monkey closing its mouth, was given to Public TV Company of Armenia. Other representatives of Mass Media as well, "H2", "Armenia", "Arm News", "Yerevan" TV Companies could win the latter prize. But Public TV Company was preferred.

"The pickets proved that one can achieve his purposes just by
overcoming the sense of fear. We will keep fighting and will carry it through", Manandyan says.

Opposition representatives were present for the award. Albert Bazeyan thinks a Grand Prix was to be handed to Robert Kocharyan.

All the prizes will be sent to the "winners" after the protest action.

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