Saturday, June 05, 2004

Remember me writing about the need for a YMCA type of program to teach values here in Artsakh and Armenia? Well write about it on this log and thou shall receive.

I went to a birthday party today and one of the people attending started to talk about the YMCA. I joined the conversation and learned from him that on Monday, the newest country to join the Young Men’s Christian Association is Artsakh. Yes, YMCA-Artsakh is soon to be a reality and I’m invited to attend their next founders meeting and I just may get involved.

Did you know that the first Armenian YMCA was in Adana and founded even before there was an official YMCA in America? I think he said 1840.

Anyway, I took a break from the birthday party (I’m heading back as soon as I finish logging) so I could meet with some workers that will be coming in the morning to work on the kitchen at Mama and Papa Manoogian’s house. They have to replace a window and move a door so some kitchen cabinets I’m having made can be installed.

The plan is now that I will finish the remod on my parents house, move in there and then have the construction and remod finished on my house so when I get married next year, we can move into a new house, this includes the swimming pool, which I wish was ready now.

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