Thursday, July 08, 2004

Hey everyone, let’s all be happy that another MONOPOLY has been established in Armenia!!! This time it’s at the airport and if the price of a pack of chewing-gum is any indication of what advertising at the airport is going to cost, companies interested will need a hand full of grease to get their name hung up on a wall there.

Dear director

We are pleased to inform you that the realization of advertising services at the airport Zvartnots is the monopoly of Orange Trading Ltd. If you want your company to be advertised [you will have to] contact us. We look forward to your cooperation with us.

Best regards,
Managing Director
Caren Marcarian


I guess someone does not realize that monopolies in Armenia are illegal. I would think that maybe the use of wording to say that something to the extent that one can now advertise at the airport with the help of Orange Trading would have been more appropriate.

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