Thursday, November 25, 2004

Dodi Gago’s Bodyguard Strikes Again

Today I was talking to a friend that works for the Armenian Secret Service who told me he was in a car accident a couple of weeks ago.

We was traveling down the road that passes Water World with his family in the car and on that road there is a concrete center divider with one opening that an emergency vehicle can make a u-turn, but has signage restricting non-emergency vehicles from such a move.

As he was passing this opening, a big fancy jeep made a u-turn, to which he noticed and slowed down for and after the jeep made his maneuver, it bared to the right, as if he was going to pull into a filling station they were passing and as my friend passed him on the left, the jeep cut over to the left lane, clipping my friend’s car in the rear.

They stopped and both got out of their car. My friend noticed that the driver of the jeep was one of Dodi Gago’s bodyguards (he knew this from the license plate 008 ## 08).

The bodyguard tried to convince my friend that my friend was at fault, to which my friend explained to him that this was not the case and in a logical way tried to show him that it was clearly the jeep’s fault.

A bit of a verbal argument began and then out of nowhere, the bodyguard struck my friend. My friend stood his ground, but unfortunately didn’t have pistol with him (he was off duty), or else he said would have wasted the guy right there on the spot, but instead had no choice but identified himself to the bodyguard in an attempt to clam the situation.

As this was going on, from the other direction comes along my friend’s father-in-law, who sees his daughter and grandchildren sitting in the car, stops and comes to my friends side and when he starts arguing with the bodyguard, he gets struck and knocked to the ground.

The bodyguard then gets in the jeep and sped away, leaving the scene of a crime.

My friend reported what happened to the head of security services, who of course is very close to Kocharian and my friend suggests that they send out their force to gather up the bodyguards and press charges to make this an example that this kind of behavior will not be tolerated.

The head of security services decides that he does not want to make it a public scene and instead calls Dodi Gago, yelling at him with every word in the book and demands that something be done.

My friend was told that Dodi Gago supposedly called the bodyguard and beat him. Big deal, will anything change?

As for my friend’s cohorts, they were all up in arms and felt that something had to be done, some ready to spit on their jobs and were ready and very capable to go round up all the bodyguards and make their lives hell and though my friend is very upset about what happened, he thanked his cohorts for the offer, but felt it would be better not to do anything at this time.

His car is now at his work place, waiting for Dodi Gago to fix it.

I have no doubt that what happened with my friend in terms of Dodi Gago’s people is not the exception, but the rule.

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