Saturday, November 06, 2004

Since there has been so much talk about deployment of troops to Iraq, I decided to surf the web in search of where various countries have deployed troops, soon loosing interest and coming across some letters to sites that support persons in the military.

On one site there was a letter which stated “…I'm particularly pleased to know that there are many people who appreciate what our fine men and women have done (and continue to do) to protect our way of life.”

It really made me wonder about what the function of a military is and why we need them?

Growing up in America and learning about liberty and justice for all in school, while saying the pledge of allegiance. I always assumed that military forces were for protecting boarders so one is not invaded by another military force. I guess that is one function and most obvious one thinks of when your 7 years old. I even get the feeling that most American who are adults think this same way today.

Then I come to Armenia and see a military in action, functioning in a way at the age of 7 I though most suits a military, which is to protect our boarders and nothing more.

So when I hear a military having the function of “protect[ing] our way of life,” and then seeing what is going on in the world outside of the United States, it really gives me a whole new outlook on how things in this world really are and that the only liberty and justice is for those with the biggest and most aggressive military force, who can protect and secure a way of life for it’s people.

You know what is really sad for me? That people know these aggressive actions are wrong, but in the name of possible economic and political security, leaders of the world are ready to prostitute themselves and their people, forgetting about morality for the sake of staying on the good side of the winning team and in hopes getting something in the end.

In Armenia’s case, our leaders feel in debt to America for providing $1.5 billion in “aid” and want to continue to benefit from that friendship by kissing Americas ass.

The reality is that Armenia’s self-profiting leaders made some very bad decisions in the early days of independence and instead of looking to Armenia’s internal power for creating an economically stable and semi-self-sufficient country by means of tapping into its intellectual and industrial potential, it somehow tricked itself and followed its emotional side and elected to side with people who lead it down the path of dependency on foreign bodies. These are people who until today, beat the patriotic drum and use peoples emotions to stay in power.

I have heard my whole life that no one helps out if they don’t have something to gain from helping and sure as can be, for the most part, those that have helped Armenia up until now have proven to have only interests in their own well being and profit, not just Americans, but Armenians too.

Today America has re-elected George W. Bush, as did somehow Armenia “re-elect” Robert Kocharian. For me, the two of them are not all that different in terms of their ability to lead or being the only available leader to choose from. Only difference I see is that Bush has more the power behind him to rape foreign bodies to suck off of so his people’s way of life is protected, where Kocharian at this time only has the power to rape his own people (including the Diaspora) to suck off of so his and his clans way of life is protected. Anyway I look at it, they both suck and the next 4 years are going to be difficult, as well as the years to follow.

On a semi unrelated note, did anyone notice the vote count in Washington D.C.? Kerry got 90%. What does that tell you? Who are the registered voters in D.C.? Could they be those people who best know who and what Bush is?

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