Monday, November 22, 2004

Today while on Yahoo games (backgammon) using a Turkish alias I recently created, I had a conversation to make this boring game more interesting and entertaining. What ended up as a joke, turned into a very heated almost argument about America, Bush and well, you know where this is going…

T: hallo
K: hi
T: where you from?
K: usa
T: oh, good country
T: I from turkey
K: ty
T: you know turkey?
K: yes
T: you know to speak my Turkish?
K: just above iraq right
K: no…just the country
T: yes my friend
T: I teach you Turkish, yes?
K: no ty
T: what you mean no?
T: I be friend to you
K: I don’t learn other launges very well
T: you no lik me?
K: never had
T: you never lik me?
K: no…that’s not it..i just don’t know how to speak it
T: no problem, I teach you my turkey culture
K: ok
T: I give you example in this game
K: ok
T: ok
T: you at my table, we in turkey
T: yes?
T: this my house
K: ok
T: in my house, you no hit me
T: you let me win game so I feel good
T: if you hit me, I be upset
K: is my table … I don’t just let ppl win…that isn’t a fair game then
K: oh well..then u should not play the game if u cant take loosing
T: no my friend, in turkey it like that
T: no I can take loosing, but when I loose, I have to take revenge
K: oh..thats not right is it?
T: no I leave open place for you to hit
T: you no hit
K: y do u have to take revenge…& how do u take revenge
T: ok?
T: I give the big boot
K: if I can, I will
T: if you can you must not hit
T: but you must give me chance to hit you often
K: don’t think so..ur playing the wrong person then
K: my culture…we all play fair & even
T: no, I teach you my culture
K: I understand…but it is not right…not fair to other person…is it
T: life is not always fair
K: im glad I live here…& not there…we play fair
T: no you don’t
T: you have job?
K: y do u say that..yes we do…
K: yes I own my own business
K: u?
T: you can thank bush for that
T: he invades countries like mine
T: to take wealth to his people
K: no…I thank my own hard work…he had nothing to do with it
K: we haven’t invaded Turkey
T: yes you have
T: your international monetary fund and world bank has
T: they are America
K: the asshole terrorists that attacked us on 9/11 started this……NOT US
T: no you have no idea what you talk about
T: visit
K: yes I do
T: you will see that America started this whole problem over 50 years ago
K: u tell me we went hit on 9/11 by terrorists?
T: you were hit by people that you hit first many years before
T: both are wrong
T: I no like terrorists
K: we help many countries that need it…
T: but America was the first economic terrorists
T: you help others?
K: I can not control what happened 50 years ago…& neither can Bush…we live in today…not 50 years ago
T: you give money to countries so they reform their government and system which feeds into corruption
T: and makes common people suffer
K: ur government help us get into iraq…remember that
T: yes, to take oil for you
K: no….the governments do that…of those countries
T: America is less than 5% of the world population, but uses 25% of the world resources
K: Saddam was helping his ppl…by killing, starving, beating them……that is help
T: visit it is a site written by your people to teach you who your government really is
T: in general, Americans are very blind to reality of their world
K: really was…that was 50 years ago…dont care about it…only care about now
T: you have business and money and are too busy to think about what your government in your name is doing to other countries
T: and then when people take revenge on you for what you have done to others, you cry
T: please don’t cry
K: why then did ur government help us get into iraq...u have not answered
T: because we are in bed with your government
T: our people do not believe in the Iraq war
K: im not..i am a proud American…& voted for Bush…
T: our leaders believe in it for their own personal wealth
T: good for you
T: and when your country is invaded again and they blow up your buildings, don’t cry
T: you are parasite people that suck off the rest of the world
K: well my government protects us…does not deprive us…or kill us…it works for us…u have no clue
T: you have little resources
T: I have no clue dude?
T: I was born there
T: dude, you have no clue
K: well im glad u left
T: dude, visit
K: yea yea….whatever
K: & just what does that mean…u gonna come & blow us up?
T: no, I don’t deal with those issues. In the end you will blow yourself up, just wait and see.
K: how long do I have to wait
K: since you know so much
T: that one I can’t answer, it’s all about what Bush does next
T: did you visit yet?
K: I think were coming to Iran next & hopefully bomb the hell out of them
K: after that…N.korea…any problem with that
T: yea, yea, are you sure your not Bush himself? Invade the whole world and take the wealth home to your people.
T: dude, I could care less what country you invade next
K: doesn’t sound like it…us seem to have a deep haterid for us…
T: believe it or not, it will all catch up with you and in the end it will be the worst America has ever seen
T: you have kids?
K: & again…what does that mean
K: yes…in the military…fighting in iraq…& very proud of him
T: are you sure he is proud to be there?
T: I would be scared if I was him
K: yes…he also voted for Bush…if he wasn’t he would have voted for Kerry who would have pulled him out
T: when you finish visiting, look me up, okay?
K: ok
T: may God be with you my friend
K: he is…ty
T: and my your son come home safe
K: ty again
T: what state are you in?
K: Virginia
K: y
T: Are you a contractor for the government?
K: r we going to get hit too
K: no
T: don’t ask me
K: u keep saying we r
T: I don’t know who is going to hit America, but I can tell you for use it will happen at some point
T: well I too am an American
K: I know that…anyone would be a fool not too
K: u seem to hate ur country
T: but I live outside of America and have seen the effects first hand what American programs in other countries do.
K: but were doing alot to try & stop it
K: what do they do
T: for real, if you visit, you will read about what I have seen first hand
K: I was just about to go there
K: who posted the site
T: Americans should never leave America for more than a couple of weeks and only go as tourists and not ask people how they live
K: go where…to what countries
T: from what I understand, was written by people who use to work for the IMP, World Bank and so on.
T: any country that the IMF is working
T: there are too many to list
K: gonna go read it now
T: okay
T: God bless you
T: bye
K: ty…u too

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