Friday, January 21, 2005

Assimilation and illegal alien is all I can think of when I read the article titled “Family struggles to keep teen daughters in U.S. LV girls are in federal custody, face deportation to Armenia”

The story reads very much like the story of the Armenian family in Colorado last year who were facing a similar fate.

My assimilation statement comes from the Las Vegas deportees who were born in Armenia, but the story claims that they don’t even know the language. You have to wonder if they even know where Armenia is?

Both stories are similar in terms of appeals to President Bush for their release. In the Las Vegas case, the illegal aliens youngest sister, who was born in America wrote to Bush to ask:

"Why can't they come home?"

"I mean they didn't do anything wrong like drugs or even smoke."

"I'm asking you these questions because you are the only person that can answer these questions."

She signed the letter, "Just a kid, Patricia Sarkisian."

Well Patricia, I’m not sure who told you that only President Bush can answer your question, but you can ask anyone and get the same answer.

In legal terms, your sisters Emma and Mariam are illegal aliens who entered America on tourist visas and overstayed their welcome by 14 years.

They are also in legal terms citizens of Armenia, the country they were born in.

If you are asking who is to blame for this, it should be clear that your father Rouben Sarkisian and your mother Anoush Sarkisian broke the law by not returning to their country of origin when their visa expired.

If you ask me, it would be a good thing for the children to return to Armenia (all 5 of them). There is no doubt in my mind that they can find someone willing to help them out until their father gains citizenship and can then work to bring them back to America. In fact my fiancé and I would be willing to host the sisters if they can’t find someone to help out.

One thing they will gain during their stay is learning the language and Armenian culture, which is not a bad thing if you ask me.

As for their attorney Jeremiah Wolf Stuchiner, who calls this case "absolutely ridiculous” and compares the case to that of Elian Gonzalez, the Cuban boy in 2000 who also was taken by armed federal agents from his relatives in the United States, I find Mr. Stuchiner's comparison absolutely ridiculous. The whole thing is very black and white. They are clearly illegal aliens and if the law dictates their deportation, so be it.

I guess I’m really tired of hearing of Armenian illegal aliens who want to manipulate the system to avoid returning to their country of origin, when the law clearly states they have no right to stay. I just think in the eyes of the international community, it makes us look bad when an attorney needs to argue humanitarian reasons for them to stay. It makes it look like Armenia is a bad place, when in fact it’s not.

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