Monday, January 03, 2005

On the 1st, we went to the Mayor’s house for a barbeque. After being stuffed the night before, we stuffed ourselves again.

After tea, we sat around and relaxed. The Mayor’s wife Stela suggested that we play cards. I never was really into playing cards, but decided that instead of watching and wondering how these card games are played, I agreed to be taught. Though it was a little bit difficult to learn at first, I got the hang of it.

The first game we played was called durag, which in Russian means “stupid”.

The object the game is to get rid of all your cards and the one that is left with cards in their hand gets one letter from the word “durag” and if you loose 5 times you are given the title of “stupid”.

The next game we played I didn’t like at all and after playing it twice decided that this was a game that needed to be banned from being played in Artsakh. This game I guess is called liar.

All the cards are dealt and the object is to get rid all your cards. You do this by placing cards face down and calling out what have supposedly placed, for instance “three queens”. The next person can say that they believe you, don’t believe you or add more queens to the pile and even say they have added 3 queens.

I didn’t like this game at all, as it teaches children to lie, which maybe explains why so many adults here lie so much.

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