Sunday, January 30, 2005

For all you Orhan fans, here is another letter to share:

From: "orxan huseyinli"
Subject: from Oran
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2005 08:31:57 +0300

Hi Ara! hOw are you? i hope you,re well! so i m very glad that you and
your people want to choose this problem with peace way! I dont like
war too! If the second war will began between us so i thing Armnenia
and azerbaijan will give a lot of his sons to this war! but why? Lets
choose this problem with civil way! Because we have a ways to choose
this problem1 I thing and i belive that we will choose this problem!
Azerbaijan and Armenia killed a lot of people during the war! You
killed azeris, we killed armenians1 But why?! But we lived in soviet
union with peace! Dont you remember! We lived together with armenians
here in baku! And armenians lived in armenia with azeris together1 i
thing our people(armenian and azeri people) cant do anything because
this is polytics and we cant do anything1 But i know just one! We are
ready to live with armenian people in Karabakh! Because we want to
return back to karabakh!! But what about polytics? Are they want this?
i dont know! and thats all! i hope you understand me! thank you again
and take care!
with best regards,Orhan

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