Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Protest against Human Rights Violation

Today ended my one-week protest-hunger strike (begun Monday, 17 January, from 00:00 o’clock)

I consider it necessary to inform you that I am unaware whether my applications to the RA President and his administration have merited any attention. Except that, during this period, on January 19, not by my wish, but at the demand of the Central police department, I appeared there. Subsequently, again against my will, they demanded that I sign an affidavit. Aside from that, they added to my personal data my foreign land, Iranian citizenship.

As I indicated in the department (and it was recorded in my personal data record), I together with my family have an RA Permanent Residency identification paper (received in 1996), I am registered in Yerevan and live there. In Armenia I have never appeared, nor have I ever made application as a foreign land, Iranian citizen, but rather have been made to understand, that aside from voting, being elected, or serving in the military, I possess the status of an RA citizen.
Thus, however, the result of my application-complaint, at least for now has been to create additional annoyance for me and my family. Nevertheless, unfortunately I also realized that, perhaps the interpretation of the application of the law related to my complaint (but not really the application) may be because of the assumption that the applicant is from a foreign country. Since the RA citizen is generally suppressed from sending application-complaint to any tribunal (and also to the president).

What is unfortunate is that in Armenia the common citizen feels himself more unprotected than the foreigner, even the citizen of Iran. It is unfortunately, but it is so.

I am continuing my protest-hunger strike connected with the Human Rights violation case against me.

V. Gasparyan
Monday, 24 January 2005

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