Wednesday, September 12, 2007

10 more days

I got a call from Haygazyan late last night to tell me that the electrical wiring and meters have been installed and all that is left now is the turn on the switch, but there is something holding things up in terms of paperwork.

I gave Ernist, the Governor of Kashatagh a call and he said that all that is left now is the agreements with the owners of the houses needing service to be signed and that process is not one he can sped up and said it will take 10 days. As a man of his word, I have no reason to doubt him, since he promised 2 months to get the power to the village and he made good on that. With that said, September 23rd or 24th is our target date for turning on the switch.

I invited Ernist to join us to celebrate this accomplishment, which came about from a collective effort from many people, he in the end being the most instrumental, even though it is his job.

As for the tractor fund, donations are trickling in. We received two more donations, of $100 and $50. This brings us up to $880. I’m so confident that we will reach our goal, that I have advanced the balance of the money needed, since the tractor that Armen found for Haygazyan was going to be sold to someone else if we didn’t pay for it yesterday, thus it’s been delivered and we won’t have to look around at the last minute for a tractor, like we did with the electrical generators last winter, which we were unable to find.

If there is anyone that is in Armenia and would like to join us on the day we light Haygazyan and the surrounding villages, and see the look on the faces of the people who had lost hope they would ever see this day and then sit down to a meal together, please e-mail me at: to let me know your interested so we can make arrangements for your getting there on that day.

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