Wednesday, September 12, 2007

11 Sept 2007

Yesterday the NKR government held an enlarged meeting in which Anushavan Danielyan addressed the members of government. He pointed to the achievements of his government, in particular the GDP has tripled, he said. "The budget now is 70 billion drams compared with 20 billion in 1999. ...The average salary rose almost five, and the retirement benefit rose 4.8 times. In 1999 public revenues totaled 1 billion 600 million, now public revenues total 7 billion 300 million. It should be noted that the progress was enabled by the economic and structural reforms adopted by the government," the Azat Artsakh Newspaper reported.

Anushavan Danielyan was appointed prime minister of NKR in a dramatic period for the country, during the clash between Arkady Ghukasyan and Samvel Babayan. He managed to sustain political stability and improved the economy. The economists can give a professional evaluation of what Anushavan Danielyan did or failed to do but it should be noted that for 7 years pensions and salaries have almost never been delayed, and the quality of life has improved. The mentioned disadvantages are the unfavorable tax administration and the lack of confidence in work with the Diaspora, reported.

The new president of NKR Bako Sahakyan accepted the resignation of the government and appears unlikely to reappoint Anushavan Danielyan as prime minister.


Some of his less talked about accomplishments were he allowed most of our walnut tress to be chopped down for a factory he had an interest in, he didn’t increase the population to 300,000 like he said he would be 2005, he didn’t repay all the money he approved to be barrowed by “business ventures” that he ended up getting a cut from that in 2001 alone his share was over $500,000, and which many of said ventures defaulted on their loans, this just to mention a few things that come to mind.

I can only hope that Bako will appoint a Prime Minister who will be thinking more about the people than himself.

My mother-in-law things very highly of Bako and I myself have not hear nor come across anything bad about him, so many Artsakh is finally maturing and our government for the next 5 years will be working for what is best for our people. Time will tell.

I can tell you think, I and many others sure won't be missing Anoushavan.

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