Sunday, September 16, 2007


By Marieta Makarian

AZG Armenian Daily

120 People Underwent Sexual Exploitation

Human trafficking became one of the most serious problems for the world. Every year the number of the trafficking victims, who are mainly women and children, being sexually exploitated both in their home countries and in the foreign ones. Unfortunately, lately, Armenia
became not only a transit country but also a providing one in the issue of the human trafficking. The Armenian women make money mainly in Turkey, the Arabian states and in Greece. It's quite strange, but RA Justice Minister David Haroutiunian still denies that trafficking is a growing problem for Armenia, stating in particular, that it's too early to say that trafficking exists in Armenia as a phenomenon.

In response to the abovementioned attitude of the Minister, we would like to represent the data provided by the relevant department of RA Prosecutor's Office.

Thus, according to the articles # 132, 132-1, 261, 262 of RA Criminal Code (all of the articles are on the trafficking issues), in the course of the first half of this year there had been 25 criminal cases instituted. In the period under review, in fact, 120 people became victims of sexual exploitation.

Moreover, according to unofficial data, the number of trafficking victims surpasses several hundreds. Thus, 63 people of 120 were exploitated in Armenia, 57 in foreign countries, 30 in the Arabian Emirates, 27 in Turkey. 39 people underwent administrative punishment for prostitution.

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