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07-12-2007 12:22:37

Recently various opinions have been voiced on the Karabakh settlement. In Karabakh they think a crucial stage in settlement has started. The Azerbaijani side thinks probability of war is 100 percent. It is also said that only one of ten issues of settlement on the table of the talks has not been agreed on. The Armenian side says the last issue is the status of Karabakh. Baku says the status of Karabakh was not discussed at all.

The representative of the ARF Dashnaktsutyun Artsakh Central Committee Davit Ishkhanyan thinks no breakthrough is expected in the upcoming year because in 2008presidential elections will be held in the OSCE Minsk Group countries, the U.S. and Russia, and "they will focus on their internal problems."

Davit Ishkhanyan told the statements of the Azerbaijani officials on the resumption of the war and no discussion of the status of Karabakh is part of the Azerbaijani diplomacy which uses the opportunity for political pressure. He thinks those statements are not true. The political activity of Turkey makes him think so, as well as the recent meeting of the foreign ministers of Armenia and Russia who said war is unacceptable.

The representative of the ARF Dashnaktsutyun Artsakh Central Committee thinks the Armenian side should insist on the participation of Karabakh in the talks as a full-right member. As to the stance of Azerbaijan on the status of Karabakh, Davit Ishkhanyan thinks it should not be a guideline for the Armenian side because Nagorno-Karabakh has existed de facto for a long time now, and it needs only a de jure recognition.

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