Thursday, December 06, 2007

The time is nearing

These last 10 days have been very challenging for my wife. We are in the home stretch of her pregnancy and she is now to the point that she can’t move too well.

According to the due date we were given, we are less than a week away from parenthood.

Though I would love to share with you all the daily happenings of life with a baby, I already know from my energy level now and what little time I now have to write (which is not much to speak of), my postings on MOB will be an occasional blurb and relevant new stories that I hope will interest you.

What is really bad is that the last 3 months of my wife's pregnancy has wiped me out. We have not slept much in 3 months as the baby keeps kicking all night and of course it would not be fair for me to have her suffer alone, so when the baby kicks her and she wakes, she kicks me and I wake. I guess that's a fair deal.

This will be the second time I care for a newborn. For those of you who have gone down this road, it really does wipe you out. The first time I was well rested and after a little over 2 months, I was wiped out and ready to sleep for a couple of weeks. At that time I was given a break, since my cousin adopted the baby I was caring for. What is bad this time around is that I'm going into this wiped out, so who knows where things will stand in a couple of months and if our baby will be the angel the first one was, who did sleep 7 hours a night starting the 2nd week? And as far as I know, thing can get harder after the 2nd month of life. In fact I hear from some people that it can get harder for 18+ years. I sure hope this baby goes easy on my wife and I.

Anyway, the next posting you will be reading I believe will be the birth announcement of our first born and I hope for the sake of my wife that will be soon.

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