Sunday, December 09, 2007

Why are they not in jail?

The following story is very interesting, as it clearly states that the RA President Robert Kocharyan knows good and well of what LTP’s government did when in power was criminal and punishable by law.

So the question is to President Kocharyan is, if you are such a great leader of our nation and defender of our people, why have you not gone after half of the people from the LTP government, put them behind bars and reclaimed what they have stolen?

I can tell you this much without sounding like I trying to cook up some conspiracy. What LTP did that should have landed him and half his government in jail, Robert Kocharyan and 99% of his government has been doing since they took power almost 10 years ago.

If you ask me, Levon and Robert both belong in jail, side by side. The reason why we have not seen this, nor will we see this when Serzh gets elected is that they are all the same people and if one gets tossed in jail for things they all do, those that go to jail will drag the rest down with them.


December 6, 2007

Yerevan /Mediamax/
. Armenian President Robert Kocharian stated that he knowingly did not give political assessment to the activity of the ex-ruling party Armenian National Movement (ANM) and to the former authorities.

Mediamax reports that the Armenian President said this, answering the questions of the readers of "Golos Armenii" newspaper.

"I really avoided giving such assessments, but I made my stance clear: I did not want to continue the Soviet tradition, when each new leader started from the criticism of the former leader. I believed that it was necessary to demonstrate the result, and the people, seeing the difference itself, would give an assessment. There was no persecution for the ANM figures. Otherwise, half of them would be in prison till now for large thefts. Vano Siradeghian [Ex-Minister of Internal Affairs] is in investigation for organization of murders. I avoided this topic for 9 years, until Levon Ter-Petrosian himself and the ANM provoked these discussions", Robert Kocharian stated. (Ara's note: A former RA Prosecutor General’s Office employee, who worked for the United Nations a couple of years before being forced out of the UN, told me in 2005 that they know where Vano lives in Dubai, “but we have no need to arrest him…” )

"Today I say it openly, that the ANM abused the confidence of the people. ANM collapsed the country's economy, turning Armenia into one of the poorest countries of the world. ANM came to power on the wave of the Karabakh movement and betrayed it. ANM is devoid of national ideology, it is ready to forget about the Genocide and make Armenia an adjunct of Turkey. By the way, I am not saying anything new. All this has been stated for hundreds of times, I just avoided these assessments. Of course, this does not concern everyone - sometimes professionals, who tried to do something to improve the matters, were appointed to various positions", Armenian President stated.

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