Friday, April 29, 2005

For those of you following the trafficking issues we have been investigating, here is a document that has been recently made available from IOM that does a fantastic job of further documenting the trafficking of women and children under the age of 14 to the UAE, Turkey and Greece. This report not only documents victims from Armenia, but also Azerbaijan and Georgia.

I want to warn you, this is a very difficult read, but it is most important for those that view the victims as “prostitutes," something I'm offended by, since they are all clearly NOT prostitues, but trafficking victims.

Just so you wonder who I think the word “prostitute” should be used to describe, that would be for the persons who trafficked the victims in the first place; those in governments who allow trafficking and are profiting from it; and for those that turn a blind eye to this phenomenon to protect economic interests. These are the real prostitutes and the ones who should and will be shamed and punished for what they do.

Click here to view the IOM report.

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