Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Genocide recognition is just around the corner - Turkey is in a panic

I was in Stepanagert on the 24th, visiting with a friend who was born in Turkey and understands the language. He turned on Turkish television to show how hard the Turks are working to convince their people that the Armenian genocide is a fabrication.

From what I saw at the genocide conference a few days ago and especially from the Turkish guest, it’s going to be just a matter of time before the Turkish government caves in and admits that what happened 90 years ago was in fact genocide and they are the succeeding state, thus have to answer for parts of this crime.

According to the people from Turkey that we heard talk at the conference, it would be in our best interest to convince the common Turk that the genocide did happen, as once the masses accept it, the Turkish government will have a more difficult time to deny it. They left the impression that many Turks know that the gencide did happen but are taught to forget.

Some believe out of fear, Turkey does not recognize the genocide as it would have to pay out hefty compensation and possibly give back land if it does.

I guess this is a legitimate fear, as from what I can tell just from our family and what it owned before 1915, we are due a large amount of compensation, which includes an entire city block in central Istanbul. I’m sure there are thousands of others who are due back even more, thus a very big problem for Turkey.

While talking about compensation, in a Agence France Presse article of April 23, 2005, titled “Armenia seeks moral, not material compensation over 'genocide': president,” Kocharian was quoted as saying "We're not talking about (material) compensation, it is a moral issue, the issue of the material consequences is not discussed at state level,"

Now I’m not too sure how to read into this other than maybe the Armenian government is thinking about signing into a deal with the Turkish government to forgive them for material compensation for admitting to the genocide (though I’m not sure they have the right to do this), or in fact the state is not at this time talking about material consequences and once the genocide is recognized they will, meaning that what the president said is accurate, but also what I would call an unnecessary statement since it really does not say anything.

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