Friday, April 15, 2005

I got a message from one of our readers the other day asking if I was still around and okay? Well folks, I'm still around and kicking, just really have had nothing to write about or at least anything I could write about for public reading.

I've been in Yerevan for a couple of weeks working on our film and having meetings about our next step in resolving some of the trafficking issues Armenia is facing. Good news is that we are moving forward and this is really all I can say about this subject.

As for life in Yerevan, it's not Martuni and for me is not all that fun. I'm not going to say that I hate this place, but I like the simple life where there are not so many lights and cars.

One thing that is going on here is that the Dram (Armenian money) is worth more these days when it comes to exchange rates. The dollar is not at 442 drams to one dollar and the Euro is now worth what the dollar use to be worth 560 drams to one Euro. Only thing that is not making any sense is that eggs are still 50 to 70 drams each and the price of everything seems to be what it was when the dram was 560 dram to one dollar. If the dram is really worth more now, eggs should be 30 or 40 drams each and food should cost 20% less. All I know is that we are eating more and more macaroni and less and less meat as a result of the stronger dram.

Anyway, sorry to have been so out of touch. I'll try to write more in the future.

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