Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Well what I wrote about a couple of logs ago about Kocharian wanting Turkey to admit to the 1915 genocide and not expect material compensation is seen by Turkey as a dishonest answer by the Armenian leader to the Turkish PM’s offer.

From this article, it also seems that Turkey is not really serious about resolving the issues we have and is just wanting to once again further delay the inevitable and make it look to the international community like they are doing something to reestablish friendly relations with Armenia.

Journal of Turkish Weekly
April 27 2005

’Armenian Reply is Full of Tricks’

The Armenian Head of State Robert Kocharyan has responded to a letter from the Turkish Prime Minister calling for a joint committee to study the issue of the so-called genocide.

Ankara says it is wary of the wording of the offer, which leaves many issues not addressed.

The letter said that Armenia was ready to establish relations with Ankara without any conditions, however Armenian leader implies many conditions and tricks.

‘Let us firstly set up relations’, Kocharyan's letter read. `We can later take into account various matters in an inter-governmental committee.’ However, the Turkish Foreign Ministry said that the letter of the Armenian Head of State was full of tricks of terminology and that Ankara was cautious over establishing relations without having settling the issue of the alleged genocide.

Armenian Government tries to establish diplomatic relations before any commission. But Turkey says Armenian forces must be withdrawn from Karabakh and Armenia must publicly recognize Turkey's national borders for diplomatic relations. Armenian forces have occupied 20 percent of Azerbaijani territories and Yerevan rejected all calls from Turkey, US and the EU to end occupation.

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