Monday, August 15, 2005

Attempt by Yerevan mayor to monopolize public transportation so far has failed

The 30% increase to 130 drams in the cost of fares on privately owned mini-vans has reverted back to 100 drams.

One has to ask why in the first place there was a 30% increase to the already relatively expensive fare?

Well it seems that the mayor of Yerevan himself is involved with the purchase of some 500+ used buses from Europe, which according to him are newer busses that are 3 years old, but in fact are busses that are 10+ years old, that have been painted and new seat coverings have been installed. These buses will be introduced in the beginning of September.

The 30% increase was initiated by the mayor in an attempt to make the mini-vans less competitive with the 100 dram fare the mayor was hoping to set for his buses.

Anyway, this is where things stand now. Let’s see what trick the mayor will pull when he introduces his buses?

I’m guessing he will pass some sudden rule that mini-vans that are transporting the general public will have to be no more than 4 years old, thus putting out of business a bunch of people who are struggling to get by and will be competition with the mayor’s fleet.

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