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[August 8, 2005]

Why Pimps Don’t Get Punished, Part II

“And so in the beginning of 2003 the next phase of my activities began. I called Anahit Mlkhasyan, a Dubai pimp, and got Nune Kcheyan's phone number in Yerevan, which I can’t recall now. I called Nune, and asked her to find girls for me and send them to Dubai, so that they would do prostitution for me. She demanded $1,000 for each girl she would recruit. Within a couple of days, I sent the money to her via Western Union. After that, Nune faxed me Kamila's and Armine's passports. I approved of the appearance of the girls, and asked Nune to send them to Moscow right away, where Araik Aghajanyan, Sevo, Avo and others would organize these girls’ departure to Dubai. At first, Nune sent Kamila to Moscow, but since I didn't have the $2,000 to pay Araik for each girl he sent to Dubai, I asked Nazik Papyan to pay me the money that I had already spent on Kamila as well as the rest of the costs, and take Kamila under her control. Afterwards, Nune sent Armine to Moscow; I paid Araik $2,000 for her.

“After some time, I don't remember the specific date, Armine came to Dubai, where I organized her prostitution. Armine and the other prostitutes would live in the apartments that I rented. I would take care of their food and clothing costs, show them the tables that I rented in the discos, so they could find clients and have sex with them for $100-$150. During the time the girls were working I would be in touch with them by phone and if there were any problems, I would solve them.

“At first, the money the prostitute would earn was taken to pay back the money that had been spent to bring her to Dubai--about $5,000. Also, for each day she was in Dubai, for her food, rent and other expenses, she paid me $100, and the rest was split between me and her. Nune sent me the aforementioned girls, but I don't know their family names or where they lived.

“In the beginning of 2003 I asked my friend Siranush Musayelyan to recruit girls to work as prostitutes for me. Siranush was also recruiting and sending prostitutes to pimps in Dubai. At different times, I don't remember the specific dates, Sirush and her friends recruited and sent to Moscow K.T from Dilijan. K. was recruited with the help of Nune Kcheyan and Anahit from Dilijan.

“Afterwards, Sirush and Nelli sent me A.H (nicknamed Cassandra after the Barbi doll) and K. KH (aka “Milirovka” or “Liza”: she grew up in the orphanage in Gavar).”

-Excerpted from a statement by Marietta Musayelyan, November 8 2004.

Nelli Harutyunyan, recruiter, sentenced twice. Currently serving a prison term at the Abovyan Prison.

“Me and Sirush, and on two occasions Nune Kcheyan, recruited ten young girls from different regions and districts and send those girls to Dubai pimps Marietta Musayelyan and Nazik Papyan to work as prostitutes.”

-Excerpted from a statement by Nelli Harutyunyan, October 14 2004.

Nune Kcheyan, recruiter, sentenced four times previously. Currently serving a prison term at the Abovyan Prison.

“In 1997 I went to Dubai, where I worked as a prostitute till 1998. Afterwards, in 1998 and1999, I was in Armenia, after which I returned to Dubai to work at the same job. In 2001 I was deported from Dubai. Upon my return from Dubai, I started recruiting young girls and trafficking them to various pimps in Dubai, for which I was sentenced in September 2003. In August 2003 I, with Nelly and Sirush, recruited A.G from Vedi, K.T from Dilijan, and Kamila from the Gavar orphanage and sent them to pimp Marietta Musayelyan, to work as prostitutes in Dubai. After agreeing with pimp Narine Khachatryan that I would receive $1,000 for each prostitute I recruited, I sent Hasmik, Susanna, and Gohar from the dormitory in Nork’s Second Massiv, and Gayane from Alaverdi.”

Excerpted from a statement by Nune Kcheyan, October 18, 2004.

“In November Sirush sent me M.M, and in 2004 M.G.(aka Ovsanik). Till September 23, 2004 these girls were working for me as prostitutes on the aforementioned conditions. They did the work of their own will, so I organized their prostitution with their agreement. I would like to note that M.M was deported from Dubai in May 2004 and in that regard I would like to update my statement. Besides the girls mentioned, from April to September 2004, A.K., recruited by Sirush and Nelli, was also working under my direction. The latter's sister had also been sent by Sirush but after a medical examination it turned out that she was a virgin. She wanted to sell her virginity for $10,000 but since nobody wanted to pay that price I sent her back to Armenia. Besides her, Marietta Aghajanyan sent me N. from the village of Jrarat in Echmiadzin (I had paid $1,500 for her previously), and A.M and N. from Yerevan in January 2003.”

In September 2004, Marietta Musayelyan took the belongings, money, and jewelry of the girls who were working for her and without paying the rent on the apartment they were living in, left for Istanbul (according to her statements). The criminal file does not contain anything else about the girls who were working for Marietta and remained in Dubai. Apparently, the investigators didn't care much about what happened to these girls.

After Marietta's disappearance, three of the girls were imprisoned and their subsequent fates are unknown. The rest are either working independently or for other pimps.

After leaving Dubai, Marietta first went to Oman, then to Istanbul. and afterwards to Yerevan.

to be continued

Edik Baghdasaryan, Aghavni Yeghiazaryan

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