Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Prosecutor’s Star Breadwinner Back in Business in Dubai

After found guilty for pimping and given one year unsupervised probation by the Armenian court, Lucine Hagobyan, aka Aisha, made her way back to Dubai and is back trafficking/pimping Armenian girls.

Just to remind you, Lucine was put on trial after being called back to Armenia by the Prosecutor’s office back in May, to settle her debts.

After meeting with the Prosecutor’s office and paying her $150k “debt,” she was set free and only picked up and put on trial when Edik printed a story on May 25th, documenting our encounter with Lucine that we had when we were in Dubai.

The evidence presented at the trial clearly painted a picture of a person who was trafficking girls to Dubai and should have landed Lucine in jail for 8 years. Testimony during the trial also justified that charges should have been pressed against Lucine’s mother for trafficking.

In the end, Lucine was charged with pimping and given 1 year unsupervised probation, this because supposedly Lucine’s mother was ill and could not care for her under-aged son.

Well, like I said, Lucine is back in Dubai, her son and mother remain in Armenia.

What has changed? Not much other than Lucine no longer wanted by the Armenian authorities, thus she can now continue her work as a pimp/trafficker and can continue to pay the Armenian and Dubai authorities their share. It also means that Armenia is one step closer to Tier 3, which will mean possible cuts in aid and sanctions.

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