Friday, August 19, 2005

Breading Indifference in the Homeland

A couple of nights ago the Archbishop who married us was crossing Gomidas near HSBC bank and tripped on a chunk of asphalt next to the trolleybus line.

The Archbishop fell flat on his face as a result and could not get up. He had hit his head hard, fractured his wrist and injured his knee.

As he lay in the street, the people who were standing on the sidewalk watching nor the numerous passing cars that saw him laying helplessly, did not come to his aid.

After a while of laying there and realizing he was on his own, not realizing how severely he had injured himself, found the strength to rise to his feet and make it to the sidewalk, where he hailed a cab and went home.

The next day he went to the hospital where they x-rayed his arm and knee, setting his wrist in a cast, which he will wear for the next three weeks.

In the last year, I was a witness to a couple of similar situations and if I had not been passing by, am convinced that no one would have come to the aid of the person in trouble, since no one did other than me.

I have spoken to a few natives about what had happened and if the same thing happened during pre-independent Armenia, would we have seen the same outcome? Of course the answer was NO.

You really have to ask yourself why the change in attitude toward ones fellow countryman and is there hope to change this indifference?

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